The 411


That's obviously not my real name, but it's my online moniker, so please address me as such. I think the wicked and deranged Bellatrix Lestrange of the Harry Potter series rocks, but the reason why I picked to go by the same name was because I could relate to her so well. I, too, am wicked and deranged. Not really, I just like the way the name Bellatrix looks and sounds and that's what I've been known by since I joined the internet realm.


With me, I'm pretty much a you get what you give, kind of girl. If you're a decent and polite human being, I'll treat you like one. If you're a jerk, then I'll be treating you exactly the same way in return. I can be a great friend, but I can also just as easily cast you aside if I find out that you're a fake or a liar. I have quite a long list of hobbies and I love many things, including the arts, animals, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, going for walks, taking long drives with the right company, jogging, 80's music and music other than rap, dancing, shopping/window shopping, playing board games and just generally having a good time.

Some of my big fandoms include, (in alphabetical order) Buffy, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pretty Little Liars, Star Wars and Supernatural.


There might come a time when you feel like saying hello, want to complain to me about something or other, or just feel like sending me some love/hate. Should that time come, you can get in contact with me here.